21 July 2013 @ 12:18 pm
My life lately  
I have been away from LJ for way too long.  I've been reading the friends list, so I'm up to date with what's happening.  I just didn't really feel like posting on LJ because I just haven't.

I'm going to talk about some TV shows I've been watching lately:

The Hour )

Mad Dogs )

Also, Top Gear is back!  That means more updates from me because I'll be writing down my thoughts on the episodes.

Top Gear Season 20: The First 3 Episodes )

Another show I've been watching is Hogan's Heroes.  I'm almost obsessed with that show.  I really like Newkirk and LeBeau, and maybe Carter.  There was this one episode in season 1 that had this actor in it and he had been in The Great Escape, and that really amused me, because that's just me.  I'm amused when I see actors from other films/TV shows in another film or TV show.

I've also been watching some films.  This month I watched the film Charade.  It's a 1960s film starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, James Coburn, and Walter Matthau.  I mostly just watched it for Coburn and Matthau.  It was actually a really good film.  It was the first film I've seen that starred Hepburn.  I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, although that's on my Netflix queue, so, yeah, I'm a bit behind in watching classic films.

Spoilers for Charade )

Another film I watched this month was King Rat.  It's a film adaptation of a James Clavell novel, and James had worked on The Great Escape script.  He also fought in WWII and at one point was actually a POW in the Changi prison camp (a camp in Singapore), so the novel he wrote--King Rat--is autobiographical for the most part.  Byran Forbes wrote the screenplay of the film and he directed it as well.  (Bryan was a friend of Richard Attenborough's, and was also in a movie with him.  Sadly, Bryan passed away earlier this year.)

Some spoilers for King Rat )

I also justrecently finished the film The Fortune Cookie, which starred Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.  It was the first film they were in together--the pair starred in about nine other films together.  And they were best friends in real life as well, which I think is awesome.

I also finished The World of Henry Orient, which starred Peter Sellers and Angela Lansbury.  It was directed by George Roy Hill, who directed the film The Sting, which starred Robert Redford and Paul Newman (and Robert Shaw).  (The film was good--it was a bit weird at first, but then Peter Sellers appeared and everything was okay.  His accent was hilarious :D everything he did in the film was just wonderful and funny.  I like Peter Sellers--he was a good actor.

Speaking of The Sting, there is a theater in Fullerton that put on a production of the stage version of The Sting.  I only knew about it because I saw it being advertised in the newspaper and, being a fan of The Sting, I was curious as to how it would hold up being performed on the stage.  The tickets were only $20, which was wonderful, and Fullerton is kind of close, so I went to see it.

Guys, I have never been in more awe of a play than I was with The Sting.  Everything was perfect about it!  The actors, the stage (I'll get to that in a minute), the music, the 'being faithful to the film even though it's a stage adaptation of a film'.  I loved every second of it.

Where I talk about the play version of The Sting )

For games, I've been playing Oblivion a whole lot.  It's the fourth game in the Elder Scrolls Chronicle series, with Skyrim being the fifth.  I remember being absolutely in love with Oblivion when it came out.  I thought it was a really interesting game.

Under this cut I complain about Oblivion a lot )

My friend is moving to San Diego later this year for grad school so we're trying to do fun trips and outings before she moves.  I'm hoping I'll see her sometimes in San Diego, though.

Anyway, she and I went on a day trip to LA earlier this month.  All we did was drive around and see famous sights and things.  We went to the California Sciene Center to see the space ship Endeavour.  We also went to the cemetery because there are a lot of actors buried in a certain cemetery (which was located near UCLA).

These are the people we saw there:

Pictures from LA )

In other news, hopefully everyone's read by now that Bear McCreary will work on the score for Joss Whedon's TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  TBH, I'm really excited about this news because when I was younger and obsessed with BSG and the music of BSG, I had imagined how awesome it would have been had Bear worked on the score for a Joss Whedon TV show, and now it's actually happening, and all I can say is yay! :D Whedon + McCreary=perfection.

I also saw Ian Anderson in concert again.  The first time I saw IA performing Thick as a Brick it was just so amazing and I really wanted to go back and see it again, and they were playing in LA at the Greek Theater, so I went there:
Pictures from the concert )

I've been doing yoga a lot lately.  I have this list on the Day Zero website and on that list is 'complete the 30 day yoga challenge' or something like that.  So I've been trying to do yoga for 30 consecutive days.  So far it's going good.  I also found a really good yoga app for the iPad, which I downloaded.  It helps because I can make my own yoga sequences on there.

I've recently learned how to do the plow pose, along with the staff pose.  The staff pose is this one--it really helped me to follow the instructions, regarding the 'keeping the elbows tight against the sides' thing, because I hadn't been doing that when I've been attempting the pose before and I've always fallen down.

On the real life front, my mind is in summer mode, and I'm applying for jobs.  In fact, I recently had an interview at Knott's Berry Farm--I'll see what comes out of that, but I'm not holding my breath for a job there, although it would be nice.  I really need to just get out of summer mode--that's the only problem I have.
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14 March 2013 @ 11:05 pm
Top Gear. Everything Top Gear. And Being Human. And life.  
I've been meaning to post since the last time I posted (which I think was March 1) but life really did get in the way.  So in this post I'll give my thoughts on the last two episodes of Top Gear and the last three episodes of Being Human.

The Top Gear Africa adventure was amazing 0_0 and I loved that we got two episodes.  It didn't live up to the Vietnam special, IMO, but I'm extremely biased because that was the first episode of TG I ever saw so it kind of holds a special place in my heart.  But I think I did love the Africa special more than the Middle East.  And maybe possibly more than the other African special they did.

Top Gear episodes 6 and 7 spoilers )

Being Human

Basically, I marathoned the last three episodes last Sunday.  I was behind for a bit but I luckily caught up with everything so this review will just cover those last three episodes.

Being Human spoilers for the last three episodes of season 5 )

Anyway, other than Being Human and Top Gear, I've also been watching Psych.  Though I'm an episode behind, already.  I'll get caught up this weekend.  In other news, Deadliest Catch comes back in April! \o/ (I think it's April 16th, but I could be totally wrong).  I love Deadliest Catch. I know I can watch it for free with Amazon Prime but it isn't the same because they don't have the Bon Jovi song during the opening credits (you seriously should have seen me when I discovered that.  I was extremely happy when I found out I could watch Deadliest Catch on Amazon, and then I was severely disappointed when it turned out they didn't play Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive song.  IDK why they can't play it.  Maybe some issues with music rights?)

Speaking of shows, this is a list of shows/films I've watched recently:

Behind this cut I briefly mention Hogan's Heroes, Happy Days, The Professionals, and I give a reason why The Great Escape is better than The Magnficient Seven (despite James Coburn starring in The Magnificent Seven, and I like him) )

In other news, I've been playing Red Dead Redemption lately.  I'm planning on finishing it during spring break, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself by playing it so close to finals week (finals are next week.  I have two.  And one paper.  And both of the finals are from 8-10 AM.  I really don't like waking up so early in the morning).

Speaking of school, the classes I'm taking for next quarter is this history/film class (it's a history film cross-listed with film and comparative literature).  I'm planning on it counting toward my medieval emphasis for my European Studies major because there aren't many classes I can take next quarter to finish my emphasis.  It's technically a renaissance history class, but the professor, whom I've talked to already, is cool with it counting toward my emphasis.  So yay about that :)

I'm taking this anthropology class called improv, language, and culture.  I already got an e-mail from the professor where he basically said that in the class we would be learning about improv techniques and tricks (!) and we would be doing improv (!).  And it's an anthropology class :D so, um, yeah, I'm just totally looking forward to this class.  I've never done improv, and IDK how it relates to anthropology, although I have some idea, but yay for fun class!

And then I'm taking another art history class, the European Studies seminar where I have to write a thesis and everything (and I'll probably be super busy), and a film class called basic production (it was one class I really wanted).  It's 20 units, which I've taken almost 20 units before at community college, but I've never done so at UCI, so I'm kind of nervous as to how busy I'll be next quarter.  But it's good, because all my classes are mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The production class only meets on Friday and the seminar could get changed to Monday from Wednesday.  Either way, I'll have one free day during the week.  And the professor of the history class told me she built the class on the idea that it would be a spring class that students could take and it won't be so busy and there won't be so much work in it.

But of all the classes, I'm totally looking forward to the anthropology class :D

As for other school news, I got my class ring!  It arrived today in the mail and looks so beautiful.  I'll post pictures of it because I feel like sharing the beauty of my class ring :P

So...yes.  That's just about it.  I really need to reply to comments left on my journal from a few weeks back (which I'll hopefully get around to this weekend).
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