14 March 2013 @ 11:05 pm
Top Gear. Everything Top Gear. And Being Human. And life.  
I've been meaning to post since the last time I posted (which I think was March 1) but life really did get in the way.  So in this post I'll give my thoughts on the last two episodes of Top Gear and the last three episodes of Being Human.

The Top Gear Africa adventure was amazing 0_0 and I loved that we got two episodes.  It didn't live up to the Vietnam special, IMO, but I'm extremely biased because that was the first episode of TG I ever saw so it kind of holds a special place in my heart.  But I think I did love the Africa special more than the Middle East.  And maybe possibly more than the other African special they did.

Top Gear episodes 6 and 7 spoilers )

Being Human

Basically, I marathoned the last three episodes last Sunday.  I was behind for a bit but I luckily caught up with everything so this review will just cover those last three episodes.

Being Human spoilers for the last three episodes of season 5 )

Anyway, other than Being Human and Top Gear, I've also been watching Psych.  Though I'm an episode behind, already.  I'll get caught up this weekend.  In other news, Deadliest Catch comes back in April! \o/ (I think it's April 16th, but I could be totally wrong).  I love Deadliest Catch. I know I can watch it for free with Amazon Prime but it isn't the same because they don't have the Bon Jovi song during the opening credits (you seriously should have seen me when I discovered that.  I was extremely happy when I found out I could watch Deadliest Catch on Amazon, and then I was severely disappointed when it turned out they didn't play Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive song.  IDK why they can't play it.  Maybe some issues with music rights?)

Speaking of shows, this is a list of shows/films I've watched recently:

Behind this cut I briefly mention Hogan's Heroes, Happy Days, The Professionals, and I give a reason why The Great Escape is better than The Magnficient Seven (despite James Coburn starring in The Magnificent Seven, and I like him) )

In other news, I've been playing Red Dead Redemption lately.  I'm planning on finishing it during spring break, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself by playing it so close to finals week (finals are next week.  I have two.  And one paper.  And both of the finals are from 8-10 AM.  I really don't like waking up so early in the morning).

Speaking of school, the classes I'm taking for next quarter is this history/film class (it's a history film cross-listed with film and comparative literature).  I'm planning on it counting toward my medieval emphasis for my European Studies major because there aren't many classes I can take next quarter to finish my emphasis.  It's technically a renaissance history class, but the professor, whom I've talked to already, is cool with it counting toward my emphasis.  So yay about that :)

I'm taking this anthropology class called improv, language, and culture.  I already got an e-mail from the professor where he basically said that in the class we would be learning about improv techniques and tricks (!) and we would be doing improv (!).  And it's an anthropology class :D so, um, yeah, I'm just totally looking forward to this class.  I've never done improv, and IDK how it relates to anthropology, although I have some idea, but yay for fun class!

And then I'm taking another art history class, the European Studies seminar where I have to write a thesis and everything (and I'll probably be super busy), and a film class called basic production (it was one class I really wanted).  It's 20 units, which I've taken almost 20 units before at community college, but I've never done so at UCI, so I'm kind of nervous as to how busy I'll be next quarter.  But it's good, because all my classes are mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The production class only meets on Friday and the seminar could get changed to Monday from Wednesday.  Either way, I'll have one free day during the week.  And the professor of the history class told me she built the class on the idea that it would be a spring class that students could take and it won't be so busy and there won't be so much work in it.

But of all the classes, I'm totally looking forward to the anthropology class :D

As for other school news, I got my class ring!  It arrived today in the mail and looks so beautiful.  I'll post pictures of it because I feel like sharing the beauty of my class ring :P

So...yes.  That's just about it.  I really need to reply to comments left on my journal from a few weeks back (which I'll hopefully get around to this weekend).
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