14 March 2013 @ 11:05 pm
Top Gear. Everything Top Gear. And Being Human. And life.  
I've been meaning to post since the last time I posted (which I think was March 1) but life really did get in the way.  So in this post I'll give my thoughts on the last two episodes of Top Gear and the last three episodes of Being Human.

The Top Gear Africa adventure was amazing 0_0 and I loved that we got two episodes.  It didn't live up to the Vietnam special, IMO, but I'm extremely biased because that was the first episode of TG I ever saw so it kind of holds a special place in my heart.  But I think I did love the Africa special more than the Middle East.  And maybe possibly more than the other African special they did.

Things I Loved:

-the 'let us sleep in our cars!' and then they each designed their own cars and James had a library in his lol
-Jeremy's car looked comfortable, IMO.  If I had to sleep in one of their cars I would have slept in his
-James, re: military bed: "It makes you consider how lucky you are" (or something like that)
-the stuff in Richard's mini kitchen just flying about
-James and Jeremy taking the mickey out on one of Richard's wildlife shows that I've never seen but apparently they were familiar enough with that they were teasing him and Richard telling them to shut up
-the inability of the camera people to actually get a good shot of the animals they passed
-James cuttting the side panel off Jeremy's side door to use for a front bumper
-the chair on top of Richard's car
-Jeremy and James buying Richard the chair
-the song Africa (by Toto).  'Most appropriate use of the song in an episode ever' award goes to this episode, obviously, for the use of that song
-(that award also goes to past TG episodes where they've had an epic song being played over epic scenes.  Um...the Vietnam episode where they had the Beach Boys, the...
-Jeremy trying to walk with things on his head
-Jezza and Jeremy insisting it's his town and Richard pointing out the fact that 'protect and serve' and 'Jezza' is a new thing he saw
-all the comments related to coming into Jezza and 'pulling out of Jezza'.  All the innuendo XD
-James mentioned Oliver! \o/
-the car ferry, and building it
-Jeremy towing the ferry with his car and he was going too fast (probably on purpose)
-the scenery
-Richard's chair falling into the river
-Jeremy's hand brake jumping up and breaking his window-lol
-James' and Richard's reaction to seeing it broken
-everyone stealing bits of car pieces from everyone else's car in the middle of the night

Things I hated:

-nooo Top Gear won't be back until the summer! :(

Being Human

Basically, I marathoned the last three episodes last Sunday.  I was behind for a bit but I luckily caught up with everything so this review will just cover those last three episodes.

Things I hated:

-it's over ;_;
-no more Being Human!
-I'll miss it
-not enough Tom and Hal scenes.  There just needed to be more friendship type of scenes between the both of them

Things I loved:

-I still hate that it's over.  I was completely loving Alex and the dynamic tension between the three characters and now it's over and I just hate that.  I completely hate it.
-though it was epic.  I must admit that.
-Hal singing Puttin' on the Rtiz.  Evil Hal.  I find evil Hal to be much more believable than evil Mitchell.  I think that's mostly due to the change/shift we see when Hal becomes evil.  Whenever Mitchell turned evil I still always thought he was good.
-no killing of the main characters!
-Hatch.  And the whole broadcast takeover.  And the episode being titled 'The Last Broadcast'.  In fact, the way the episode was written made me think Toby was intentionally taking a swipe at the BBC.  The entire season was kind of like that, I felt.
-Tom and Hal and Alex all becoming human!
-the twist.  If anyone doesn't know, read this page.
-Tom and Natasha.  It was so sweet to see Tom falling in love with Natasha and then he was confused about sex and Hal asked if he had learned about the birds and the bees and Tom said that he knew all the types of birds and that MacNair taught him how to swipe honey from a bee's nest (or something like that)=lol
-TBH, I'm really glad Alex/Hal didn't happen.  And kind of disappointed.  But mostly really happy.  I didn't want it to be another Mitchell/Annie thing.
-Rook.  He completely became my favorite character this season
-I also liked Crumb.  I liked him in the fourth episode.  I remember I hated him in the first episode
-the music

Anyway, other than Being Human and Top Gear, I've also been watching Psych.  Though I'm an episode behind, already.  I'll get caught up this weekend.  In other news, Deadliest Catch comes back in April! \o/ (I think it's April 16th, but I could be totally wrong).  I love Deadliest Catch. I know I can watch it for free with Amazon Prime but it isn't the same because they don't have the Bon Jovi song during the opening credits (you seriously should have seen me when I discovered that.  I was extremely happy when I found out I could watch Deadliest Catch on Amazon, and then I was severely disappointed when it turned out they didn't play Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive song.  IDK why they can't play it.  Maybe some issues with music rights?)

Speaking of shows, this is a list of shows/films I've watched recently:

-Hogan's Heroes.  I started watching this show because it reminded me of The Great Escape and I really like the show.  (Though I'm sad because of Bob Crane's death.  He was way too young.)  I like the humor.  I'm not completely obsessing over it like I did with HIMYM (not that I obsessed over that, but I liked the characters in that show).  I mean I do like the characters in Hogan's Heroes, but to some extent I just like seeing what wacky crazy adventure the guys at Stalag Luft 13 get up to.  Okay, and maybe I like Bob Crane's character, and Richard Dawson's character.
-Happy Days.  The show with Henry Winkler and Ron Howard.  I actually started watching this last year but I've never posted that I've been watching it.  I still need to finish season 1.
-The Professionals.  I actually started watching it because I read that Gordon Jackson from The Great Escape was in it and, luckily, my mom has the DVDs of the show (they're not professional DVDs--I think she got them from someone who burned the episodes to the discs for her).  So far I've watched the first three episodes and I like it a lot.  It reminds me of Life on Mars--or maybe I should now say that Life on Mars reminds me of The Professionals.  Either way, it's got the whole buddy-cop feel in it that I like so much in LoM and Due South.  Except so far I'm not shipping Bodie/Doyle.  (I can't ship Sam/Gene from LoM either.  For some reason.  I just like them better as friends.)
-The Magnificent Seven.  The film, not the TV show starring Michael Beihn.  The film stars Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Robert Vaughn, this German actor whose name I can't remember off the top of my head, and some other guy, and Eli Wallach.  Anyway, this movie was shown at that theater I went to when I saw Harold and Maude.  It was actually my first time seeing The Magnificent Seven--I knew about it, but I never tried to watch it, simply because a) Westerns aren't really my thing and b) I had other films I wanted to watch.  So the film just sat on my Netflix queue.  But now I've watched the film.

It's not as good as The Great Escape.  I mean maybe it's the cast?  I like the entire cast of TGE better than I like the cast in TM7.  Which, after typing that, I realize it's a lie, because I like the cast of TM7.  I just don't think I liked the characters well enough.  With TGE, because it's based off a book and real people, the characters are composites of characters.  I felt that the majority of the characters in TM7 were Western cardboard character cut-outs.  They were just flat.  I wasn't sad at all when they died (well, kind of.  James Coburn's character died 0_0 that was sad).  And I couldn't really come to care for any of the characters.

The action was good.  The music was good.  (It was done by Elmer Bernstein, who also did TGE.)  Everything except the characters.  I just couldn't come to like them.  Well, I did like them, but that's mostly because of the actors who played them, and there's a difference, IMO, between liking a character for the character and liking a character for the actor.  (Or maybe that's just me.)  As such, I liked James Coburn's character, especially his introduction scene, and the scene where he shot a guy and insisted his aim was lousy and that he was aiming for the horse lol.

In other news, I've been playing Red Dead Redemption lately.  I'm planning on finishing it during spring break, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself by playing it so close to finals week (finals are next week.  I have two.  And one paper.  And both of the finals are from 8-10 AM.  I really don't like waking up so early in the morning).

Speaking of school, the classes I'm taking for next quarter is this history/film class (it's a history film cross-listed with film and comparative literature).  I'm planning on it counting toward my medieval emphasis for my European Studies major because there aren't many classes I can take next quarter to finish my emphasis.  It's technically a renaissance history class, but the professor, whom I've talked to already, is cool with it counting toward my emphasis.  So yay about that :)

I'm taking this anthropology class called improv, language, and culture.  I already got an e-mail from the professor where he basically said that in the class we would be learning about improv techniques and tricks (!) and we would be doing improv (!).  And it's an anthropology class :D so, um, yeah, I'm just totally looking forward to this class.  I've never done improv, and IDK how it relates to anthropology, although I have some idea, but yay for fun class!

And then I'm taking another art history class, the European Studies seminar where I have to write a thesis and everything (and I'll probably be super busy), and a film class called basic production (it was one class I really wanted).  It's 20 units, which I've taken almost 20 units before at community college, but I've never done so at UCI, so I'm kind of nervous as to how busy I'll be next quarter.  But it's good, because all my classes are mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The production class only meets on Friday and the seminar could get changed to Monday from Wednesday.  Either way, I'll have one free day during the week.  And the professor of the history class told me she built the class on the idea that it would be a spring class that students could take and it won't be so busy and there won't be so much work in it.

But of all the classes, I'm totally looking forward to the anthropology class :D

As for other school news, I got my class ring!  It arrived today in the mail and looks so beautiful.  I'll post pictures of it because I feel like sharing the beauty of my class ring :P

So...yes.  That's just about it.  I really need to reply to comments left on my journal from a few weeks back (which I'll hopefully get around to this weekend).
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[identity profile] geekslave.livejournal.com on March 15th, 2013 04:26 pm (UTC)
Your classes sound really interesting - especially the improv and basic production. I know I'd be horrible at it, but I'm interested in how improv works.

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[identity profile] jacketpotato.livejournal.com on March 16th, 2013 01:27 am (UTC)
Ohh, I really want to see that Top Gear special!!

I used to watch so so much Happy Days when it was in syndication. It's a sweet little show.

How are you liking Red Dead Redemption? I played it a bit, was horrible at it. I ended up watching my husband play it so I'd finish the story. I thought it was really pretty - I wish I was better at that kind of game!!

Your classes sound really neat - I hope they turn out well!
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[identity profile] ultrapeach.livejournal.com on March 18th, 2013 08:45 am (UTC)
I'm so glad they didn't go full on with the Alex/Hal stuff too. I just really like them as friends. This season had my favourite set of characters so now I'm super sad that it's gone forever. :'( I'm really glad that the ending was ambiguous... it feels like there's something in there for everyone. xD

Oh, and now I'm reminded to catch up on Psych... and to one day watch more of The Professionals.
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