16 February 2013 @ 10:52 am
School, The Great Escape, Top Gear, and Being Human  
Oh my god school's been keeping me busy.  Basically, last week it was midterms week--I had two midterms that week, and I had another one this past Thursday, and I've been trying to concentrate more on not procrastinating and studying for tests and so I basically ignored updating my LJ so I could focus on school.

But now midterms are all done so I can have fun and reply to comments \o/

I did drop the comparative literature class a couple weeks back (well, it was during week 2 so it wasn't a couple weeks back)--I didn't really like it, and I didn't need it at all, and I didn't like how the majority of the students in the class were either whispering to each other or playing with their cell phones or not paying attention.  Also, I kind of want this quarter lighter because I know next quarter I'll have this upper division writing class for European Studies and I'll be probably busy with that class.  (I think.)

Another thing that happened this month was the grad expo.  I had the chance to order my cap and gown and all the tassels that go on the cap (I ordered a social science and a humanities one--even though I'm pretty sure I'll only be walking in one of them, because as a double major in different schools I can't walk in both the school of social science and school of humanities.  From what I've read so far on this website about commencement and walking).

I also ordered my class ring :D it looks so pretty (I can only assume) and I can't wait for it to get here so I actually hold it in my hands and (probably) wear it.  I only say 'probably' because when it comes to jewelry I'm crap at wearing them.  I have a ton of earrings that I only wear during special occasions that I don't wear the rest of the time because I just hate how they feel on my ears.  The only jewelry I actively wear--sometimes--are necklaces, but they have to be ordinary looking type of necklaces.  If they look too fancy, then I don't wear them.  If they look somewhat interesting then I'll wear it.  But for the majority of the time, I really don't wear jewelry.  So maybe for the class ring I'll either wear it or maybe I'll hang it on a necklace.  IDK.

I'm really liking my philosophy class, which is odd, because I've hated all the philosophy classes I've taken in the past.  But the teacher makes it awesome, and I'm just actually interested in it.

The only thing I hate about the class is that it's just messing with my mind in a major way.  We're mainly focusing on Augstine and his philosophical theories and this past Thursday in class we talked about his concept of time and creation and OMG my mind 0_0 Augustine is messing it up with his crazy theories.  But it was a good class because it did give me some inspiration for my time travel fic :P (the one I was planning to write for NaNoWriMo and then I didn't)

Anyway, that's enough real life talk.  Now it's time for fannish talk :D

I've been obsessing over The Great Escape lately. I checked out the book earlier this month from the library so I could read it and I'm just amazed as to what happened in the camp and how all of the guys were just so organized about every single thing, right down to the last detail, and all the forgers of all the papers were hand painting them or they made stamps or something like that, and then there were people who staged diversions--such as fights--so other people could steal wire.  It's kind of hard to believe that it really actually happened and the whole 'escaping from a POW camp' actually took place because I guess I'm just kind of amazed that it even happened.  It's hard for me to explain.  I guess that's because it happened so long ago.  Also, maybe it's because I've watched the film so much, and the film, while getting about 85% of the book right, is just still so fictionalized that it makes it hard for me to believe that the escape happened.

Anyway, the book is just amazing and I liked reading it.  I was just sad when I read how 50 of the prisoners were killed.  I wonder what would have happened it everything didn't go wrong and all of the 250 men or so that Roger had planned to escape actually did escape without anything going wrong.  As it is, I'm just amazed they even managed to get away with what they did in the first place with no one (almost) suspecting them.  I mean one of the tunnels was found, but then they had the other two tunnels to escape from in case one was found.

The one thing that amazes me is that there's fanfiction on the Internet about Danny/Willie from the movie, and because I've got my shipping goggles on about 90% of the time each time I watch something, I've started shipping them as well.  The majority of the time I always end up shipping characters based on the fanfiction that I read.  It was what got me shipping Arthur/Eames in the first place, and it also got me shipping Clint/Coulson.  So if you want me to ship some characters, just give me fanfiction to read about that pairing, and I'll probably end up shipping them XD

I also found out that James Coburn was in an episode of The Muppet Show and he was in The Muppet Movie.  This is just awesome, IMO.  Now I need to re-watch The Muppet Movie to see him in it it (I also haven't seen the film in a long time so that would be another reason to watch it).  He was also in an episode of The Twilight Zone, and I want to see that episode.  (As well as other episodes.  There's a ton of Twilight Zone episodes I haven't seen yet, although I've seen the well-known ones, such as the one about the ventriloquist, talking Tina, the William Shatner episode, the one with Robert Redford in it, and that's all I can remember.  So, basically, I haven't seen enough Twilight Zone.)

I just like the cast of The Great Escape.  The entire cast is amazing.  I like Richard Attenborough in the film (the only other film I've seen him in is Jurassic Park, so, yeah, I haven't seen him in many films).  I like how David McCallum looks so young in the film and I'm depressed that's he so old now.  Actually, I'm depressed that half of the cast are dead.  There's a reason why I don't watch old films all that often--I'm just always depressed knowing that an actor is no longer alive.  I mean, for example, there's Rebel Without a Cause.  Great film.  But it makes me slightly sad that James Dean, Sal Mineo, and Natalie Wood are no longer alive.  I guess it's because it's just a reminder of my own mortality and I don't like being reminded of that.  Or something like that.

Anyway, I also like James Coburn in the film, and I like James Garner, and Charles Bronson (he was supposedly this big major film star in the 80's.  The only film I've seen him in is, of course, The Great Escape, although I have the film Never So Few on DVD, which is directed by Sturges and stars Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen, and Bronson, so when I watch that it'll be the second film I've seen that has Bronson in it).  I also like James Donald as Ramsey and John Leyon as Willie.  So, yeah, the entire cast is just amazing.  And I guess that's what made the entire film amazing.

Now it's time for me to talk about Top Gear and Being Human (both from the last couple weeks).

Top Gear Episode 2:

Things I loved:
-Vegas! <3 I visited Las Vegas last year in September so I was just excited the boys even visited Las Vegas.
-the whole car/airplane laser tag game
-musical notes on the street and Jeremy driving backwards to see if there was a hidden message=lol
-James and Richard putting up with Jeremy driving backwards
-James and Jeremy sabotaging Richard's car and Richard has to fix it
-they all tried to get out of the door at the same time at the beginning of the race to Mexico
-the Avengers and Inception music

Things I hated:
-Vegas--there wasn't enough Vegas.  I wanted more :/
-the guest star.  It's not that I hated him, it's just I didn't feel like watching him, and so I just ended up skipping the part.

Episode 3:

Things I loved:
-road trip!  James snoring away in the train and Richard admitting that they're not young anymore lol
-Jeremy listening to Fifty Shades of Grey and his reaction to hearing it=lol
-James and the collapsible bike he had in his suitcase.  That was just awesome.  I was surprised he had it in the first place.
-Richard and James playing trivia games and not even getting any of the answers right at all
-Richard winning the race

Being Human: Episode 1

Things I loved:
-Alex!  I love everything about her
-Tom!  Sweet Tom--and Hal was complaining about the mess in the living room and he wanted to clean it up.  And Tom saying that he's keeping the memory of his dad alive by being all respectful toward Alex and that just made me go, 'Aww, poor Tom D:' because he really misses McNair
-I just loved that the show was even back.  I was so happy.
-Alex dealing with the fact that she can't eat or smell anything anymore.  It was interesting to see her trying to eat the chocolate and it just went through her.  I like this whole 'Alex is new at being a ghost thing so she's trying to deal with that'.  With Annie, we never got the whole 'she's dealing with being a ghost' thing, so it's a refreshing change, IMO, to see Alex trying to cope with being a ghost
-Rook.  I mean he's not Cutler and he'll never replace Cutler (I really like Cutler.  I don't think I've mentioned that yet) but so far Rook is amazing at being creepy

Things I hated:
-the mentioning of Eve :( it just got me missing Annie.  I love Alex, Tom, and Hal, but I just miss Annie.
-I could see the old guy being the devil a mile away.  So, um, yeah, it wasn't that unpredictable.
-the fact that earlier this month it was announced that season 5 would be the last ever and I just got so sad because Being Human is one of three shows that I actively watch (actively watch meaning that I make a point to either download the show to my laptop to watch it, or that I watched it on TV).  The other shows are Top Gear and Psych (and I know there's been some talk about Psych ending after season 8).  I just don't want Being Human to end and this season is so short as well.  I can't deal with the fact that there's only four episodes left.

Episode 2:

Things I loved:
-Alex, Tom, and Hal
-Hal and Tom and the contest and Hal saying he could drop out and Tom being insistent that he doesn't and that he wants a CV and Hal says he could type him up at CV (or something like that)
-Tom wanting to win the contest so badly--I just loved Tom in this episode
-the moment when Hal, Tom, and Alex were debating who would talk to the boy and Tom says he can't because he had sore, and Hal did this vampire like impression lol
-Hal and Tom both getting fired from the job
-Alex telling Hal to slouch and Hal says he can't because he's got a dancer's back
-Alex's visit to see her brothers :(
-Hal and Tom and the food fight
-no flashbacks!  (I don't like flashbacks all that much...well, sometimes I do, but the majority of the time I don't)
-Alex and the kid and Tom interacting with the kid and he says that everyone should have a party or something like that
-the kid

Things I hated:
-not creepy enough
-Crumb.  IDEK I just don't like his character all that much
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[identity profile] jacketpotato.livejournal.com on February 17th, 2013 07:59 pm (UTC)
Hooray for surviving midterms!! You can taste the end!

The Great Escape is on my list of things to read and then watch!! I will have to come back to you when I have finished :)
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[identity profile] det-munch.livejournal.com on February 18th, 2013 03:02 am (UTC)
glad things are going well with school!
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