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This is a long post filled with many things
Top Gear is back!! *flails*

It was wonderful to see the show back on TV (well, laptop. I live in America and I know BBC America will air it on Sunday-or is it Monday?-and they've been excellent at running new episodes in their entire length and, okay, sometimes they show The Shining for some insane reason, but they've been good lately. Although they still haven't shown season 3 of Ashes to Ashes and I doubt they ever will. TL;DR I hate waiting for British TV shows to air in my country).

Okay, back on topic: Top Gear. Amazing :D

Things I loved:
-the car that Richard drove. I'm not a car geek but that car that Richard drove was amazing. I was surprised at how fast the Stig drove it around the track
-James insistence that consonants are the meat of words and proceeding to tell Richard what his name would sound like with only vowels. 'Ia'. And his own: Eey. It made me lol.
-James and the rally driver and his question of if he should apologize if they get into an accident, or who should apologize first
-Jeremy and the small car and the Dragon's Den.
-the actor from Homeland. I saw a couple Band of Brothers episodes and he starred in that show but I honestly had no idea he was British.

Things I hated:
-didn't hate a thing.  It was too short?  It's been too long since Top Gear last aired?  I need more Top Gear in my life?  Otherwise, I liked the episode.

So last Thursday I watched Lawrence of Arabia with my friend and my brother. I've heard that it's one of the best films out there and that Peter O'Toole is amazing in it. Honestly, though, it was okAy, the scenery was fantastic, but I didn't really like it. I know it's based off an autobiography, and maybe that's the reason why I didn't really like anyone in the film. IDK I just didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I was going to.  Maybe it was the length.  I quite don't like lengthy films, especially if I'm not interested in any character or the film itself.  I couldn't handle watching The Godfather in one sitting precisely because I just didn't care for the film all that much.  It's just hard to make myself watch a film, or TV show, that I know I won't enjoy.

Then last Friday I watched The Great Escape, which I haven't seen in years, and I forgot how amazing it is. That was the first Steve McQueen film I ever saw, and I saw it in my video production class in high school, and after that I think I've seen it two or three more times on my own.  Although I've only seen the ending about two times--I've always hated it after David McCallum's character is killed that I always stopped watching the film at that point.  Plus at that point of the film nothing was fun anymore--I mean they all broke out of the camp, but then they're being chased and being killed and that just depresses me :(

Richard Attenborough though--he looks so young!  I haven't seen him in many films--mostly Jurassic Park.  (I've never seen any of his brother's documentary films so...)  So I just really like him in The Great Escape.  And then there's James Garner and Charles Bronson and other awesome actors.  I just like the entire cast of the film.

I also really want to read the book now.  I know the film is based (loosely) off a book written by Paul Brickhill and I don't have that book.  I may need to go to the library sometime to see if they don't have it.  (Or I'll buy it.)

So basically all I did last week was go to school and watch a lot of classic films.  I haven't been doing that a whole lot this week (the watching classic films thing).  Mostly I've been watching Being Human season 3 (well, trying to finish it.  I'm going to see if I can make it through seasons 3 and 4 before season 5 comes back on Sunday.  Maybe if I drink a lot of coffee tonight and stay up all night and forgo doing any homework then I can do it.  But I really need to do homework, and I can't stay up all night because I get tired at around 12 AM, so that's out).

On the plus side, I only have two episodes to go through in season 3.  So maybe I can make it halfway through season 4 tomorrow.  (I usually watch TV and movies at night.  It's like I really can't watch TV or movies during the day because I just like watching it at night.  And plus during the day I can do homework or read or do land comm challenges or stuff like that.)

It's kind of weird watching season 3.  The first time I had watched it I didn't much care for it--I don't know why.  I think at that point I was just tired of Mitchell being all angsty and secretive.  I was wondering why he just didn't tell his friends what he did, because that would probably make him brood less.  Now that I'm re-watching it I came to the realization that maybe he doesn't want to tell his friends what he did because he maybe doesn't want to let his friends down?  Or something like that.  Or maybe he was trying to distance himself from the whole scenario.  IDK.  Mitchell just confused me in season 3.  I think that's why I was annoyed with season 3. 

I am liking Herrick though :D he was always my favorite Being Human bad guy.  And the actor who plays him just does so well at playing him so that's another reason.

Another character I'm liking is Nina.  I don't think I was too fond of her when I first watched season 3 but she really has grown to be my favorite character (second favorite, I should say.  Annie's my number one favorite).  I'm kind of ambivalent toward her actions regarding calling the police on Mitchell, though.  I know why she did it but I kind of don't like that she did it, even though she did it with good intentions.

Basically, season 3 of Being Human just messed with my feelings about the characters.  It really does cast all the characters in a gray-ish light, rather than either black or white.  That's just how I see the season though.

I do remember the first time I watched season 3 I was really upset at Mitchell dying, and I couldn't process how the show could even continue without him.

And fast forward a couple years later where I'm impatiently waiting for season 5.  I think the writers did a good job at the whole 'new characters' transition.  Usually I hate when characters leave or die but, with Being Human, I like Tom and Hal and Alex so much that I don't much mind that Annie, George, Michael, and Nina are gone.

School's been going good.  It's been keeping me busy, though, which is why I haven't updated a whole lot.  I've also been busy with land comm challenges and I've been making icons for myself (one of my Fandom New Years Resolutions was to make 20 icons per month.  I only made about 15 or so last month, because I had forgotten about my resolutions).

Speaking of resolutions, this is what my Fandom Resolutions list looks like:

1. Finish Farscape (because I've been watching it since about 2009/2010 and I still need to finish it.  I must admit, I went slowly through season 1)
2. Finish Man From U.N.C.L.E.
3. Finish Poltergeist: The Legacy
4. Make 20 icons per month
5. Finish fanfic (I start, and I never finish.  Except for drabbles or short stories.  But I have an Inception fic I started a couple years back that I still want to finish, and I have other stories in other fandoms I'd like to finish sometime)
6. Finish Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim (I'm going so slowly through both these games 0_0  I also need to re-play Bioshock and L.A. Noire sometime this year.  I also have Portal 2 that I need to play, and the Ghostbusters game, which I had already played before on the desktop computer but I wanted it for X-Box)
7. Be more active on Livejournal
8. Finish Netflix queue (this is on the fandom resolutions list for some reason...)
9. Re-watch Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and maybe Dollhouse?  It's been a long time since I've seen Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.  I've seen Dollhouse relatively recently (a couple years back) so I don't need to re-watch right away.
10. Post icons and fanfic to Livejournal?  IDK.  I'm usually not much of a share-y type of person when it comes to icons and fanfic.

Hopefully I'll be able to do all of these things this year.  It'd be nice to finish Farscape.
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