11 March 2012 @ 10:35 am
Top Gear and improv shows  
I had such the weirdest dream a few days ago.

I don't remember all of it but it partially had something to do with Top Gear.  The important part of the dream involved James May driving me and my brother to Disneyland (or something like that) and I realized I had to get a different shirt and so I went and changed my shirt and shoes (which took me two hours in the dream.  I'm faster at changing my outfit in reality.  Thanks to the fact that I don't wear any make-up, jewelry, and always stick to a pair of jeans and either a t-shirt or some other nice shirt.

I've also been wearing my blazer a lot recently.  Normally in the past I wouldn't wear a blazer but now I am.  At least it's not a denim jacket, which was like my trademark clothing item back in high school/middle school, and the only reason I ever started wearing a denim jacket in the first place was, and I swear I'm not kidding/lying, because of the film The Outsiders.

Dude, I was so obsessed with that film when I saw it in middle school that I just had to get a denim jacket of my own.

TL;DR movies and TV shows sometimes influence what I think looks good to wear.  Or something like that).

Okay, back to the dream:

so it took me two hours to get changed in the dream and then we were off to Disneyland.  Which was like in some town in England.  And then we got lost actually looking for the place (IDK how you get lost going to Disneyland.  There are signs--'Disneyland this way!' with arrows and stuff) and so then James May and I decided to look at a map to figure out where to go, because we both didn't want to use a GPS.

Um...I may have been watching too much Top Gear this past week.  Which probably influenced the dream.

Week nine of the quarter just passed, and this upcoming week will be week 10, and then the week of finals will be the week after.  These past two or so weeks procrastination has become my dear friend, which is the reason why I've been watching so much Top Gear and Whose Line Is It Anyway these past few weeks.  Once spring break comes I'll just hide in my room and play games and catch up on TV shows and read non-educational books.

Speaking of shows, the new series Dirk Gently recently started.

I've read both books by Douglas Adams (and, TBH, I prefer the Dirk Gently series over the Hitchhiker's series, although I do love the Hitchhiker's series as well) and I think the TV show is really good.

Sure, it's not a super strict adaptation of the novels, and quite a few allowances are made for the loose adaptation, but I love it.  I've read how some people think it's awful (really, I shouldn't read reviews like that.  Whenever I do I start thinking maybe that there's something wrong with me liking something that other people think is bad.  Basically, it makes me second-guess my enjoyment for a TV show or a CD or a movie or something like that) but the show makes me laugh and I like watching it so I love it.

Also, it's Dirk Gently, and I love the books too much to avoid watching an adaptation of them.

The last episode of Top Gear series 18 is today 0_0 these past six weeks sure have gone by fast.

Overall, I like series 18.  The segments I really enjoyed was the segment about the Saab, the cars with the engines from the spitfire planes, the racing car segment, the Italian segment...it's not as good as series 15/16 (whichever one had the motorhome challenge in it) but it's good.  I also liked the impromptu challenge involving Jeremy thinking you can drive and do whatever else at the same time, so he drove while sewing a button on his shirt and James drove in a sleeping bag (because that was his suggestion of what you could do at the same time while driving).

So last night I hung out with friends I haven't seen literally in weeks (well, I saw one friend one time while coming home from school but the others I hadn't seen in weeks).

We watched some shows.  I finally showed my friends Top Gear (the amphibious cars segment, the one where they had to drive from England to France in an amphibious car).  Mike, as usual, showed My Little Pony (made more bearable thanks to this cognac/mountain dew drink he whipped up.  But seriously, I respect MLP for what it is: a cartoon.  But I don't think I'll ever start watching it religiously.  It's a good show to see once in a while, and it's bright and colorful, but I just don't feel like I have to start immediately watching it).

And the best part about last night was seeing an improv show.  I've never seen an improv show before (in person.  WLiiA doesn't count 'cause it's a TV show and I barely remember anything about the show I saw at California Adventure that had the WLiiA guys, so that doesn't count in my book as seeing an improv show) so I was super excited to see one last night.

And it was really good as well.  It was funny.  The only bad thing is that I stayed up super late last night and so I'm all groggy today, which makes me not want to write this essay for art history that's due tomorrow, or do any Russian homework.
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