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velociraptor52 ([personal profile] velociraptor52) wrote on November 12th, 2010 at 09:58 am
I don't know how it even happened
Okay, Monday night.  I'm watching BBC America, oh, look, Top Gear was on.  Because I like procrastinating so much, I watch the episode.  Because I didn't really feel like doing any reading for school or writing for NaNoWriMo that night.  (Seriously, my NaNoWriMo has suffered.  I blame it on Top Gear still and my laziness.)

And then after I watch the episode I'm all, 'omg Top Gear!!! Richard Hammond, James May, Jeremy Clarkson!! omg!' or something like that :/ at least in my mind that was what I was thinking.

yes, it seems I have become obsessed (or just mildly obsessed) with the show.

...that's the last time I watch TV when procrastinating.

(seriously, why, me, why? why become obsessed with it?  My obsessions with TV shows do change every other week now, or so it feels like it.  And it's actually, sadly, true.  This Top Gear obsession will probably blow over in a week or two.  Until then, my mind will be stuck on it.)

so, um...yeah.  That's actually really about it.  Just me saying I've found a new fun show to watch.  Other than that, there's not really a point to this journal entry.
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