21 July 2013 @ 12:18 pm
My life lately  
I have been away from LJ for way too long.  I've been reading the friends list, so I'm up to date with what's happening.  I just didn't really feel like posting on LJ because I just haven't.

I'm going to talk about some TV shows I've been watching lately:

The Hour )

Mad Dogs )

Also, Top Gear is back!  That means more updates from me because I'll be writing down my thoughts on the episodes.

Top Gear Season 20: The First 3 Episodes )

Another show I've been watching is Hogan's Heroes.  I'm almost obsessed with that show.  I really like Newkirk and LeBeau, and maybe Carter.  There was this one episode in season 1 that had this actor in it and he had been in The Great Escape, and that really amused me, because that's just me.  I'm amused when I see actors from other films/TV shows in another film or TV show.

I've also been watching some films.  This month I watched the film Charade.  It's a 1960s film starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, James Coburn, and Walter Matthau.  I mostly just watched it for Coburn and Matthau.  It was actually a really good film.  It was the first film I've seen that starred Hepburn.  I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, although that's on my Netflix queue, so, yeah, I'm a bit behind in watching classic films.

Spoilers for Charade )

Another film I watched this month was King Rat.  It's a film adaptation of a James Clavell novel, and James had worked on The Great Escape script.  He also fought in WWII and at one point was actually a POW in the Changi prison camp (a camp in Singapore), so the novel he wrote--King Rat--is autobiographical for the most part.  Byran Forbes wrote the screenplay of the film and he directed it as well.  (Bryan was a friend of Richard Attenborough's, and was also in a movie with him.  Sadly, Bryan passed away earlier this year.)

Some spoilers for King Rat )

I also justrecently finished the film The Fortune Cookie, which starred Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.  It was the first film they were in together--the pair starred in about nine other films together.  And they were best friends in real life as well, which I think is awesome.

I also finished The World of Henry Orient, which starred Peter Sellers and Angela Lansbury.  It was directed by George Roy Hill, who directed the film The Sting, which starred Robert Redford and Paul Newman (and Robert Shaw).  (The film was good--it was a bit weird at first, but then Peter Sellers appeared and everything was okay.  His accent was hilarious :D everything he did in the film was just wonderful and funny.  I like Peter Sellers--he was a good actor.

Speaking of The Sting, there is a theater in Fullerton that put on a production of the stage version of The Sting.  I only knew about it because I saw it being advertised in the newspaper and, being a fan of The Sting, I was curious as to how it would hold up being performed on the stage.  The tickets were only $20, which was wonderful, and Fullerton is kind of close, so I went to see it.

Guys, I have never been in more awe of a play than I was with The Sting.  Everything was perfect about it!  The actors, the stage (I'll get to that in a minute), the music, the 'being faithful to the film even though it's a stage adaptation of a film'.  I loved every second of it.

Where I talk about the play version of The Sting )

For games, I've been playing Oblivion a whole lot.  It's the fourth game in the Elder Scrolls Chronicle series, with Skyrim being the fifth.  I remember being absolutely in love with Oblivion when it came out.  I thought it was a really interesting game.

Under this cut I complain about Oblivion a lot )

My friend is moving to San Diego later this year for grad school so we're trying to do fun trips and outings before she moves.  I'm hoping I'll see her sometimes in San Diego, though.

Anyway, she and I went on a day trip to LA earlier this month.  All we did was drive around and see famous sights and things.  We went to the California Sciene Center to see the space ship Endeavour.  We also went to the cemetery because there are a lot of actors buried in a certain cemetery (which was located near UCLA).

These are the people we saw there:

Pictures from LA )

In other news, hopefully everyone's read by now that Bear McCreary will work on the score for Joss Whedon's TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  TBH, I'm really excited about this news because when I was younger and obsessed with BSG and the music of BSG, I had imagined how awesome it would have been had Bear worked on the score for a Joss Whedon TV show, and now it's actually happening, and all I can say is yay! :D Whedon + McCreary=perfection.

I also saw Ian Anderson in concert again.  The first time I saw IA performing Thick as a Brick it was just so amazing and I really wanted to go back and see it again, and they were playing in LA at the Greek Theater, so I went there:
Pictures from the concert )

I've been doing yoga a lot lately.  I have this list on the Day Zero website and on that list is 'complete the 30 day yoga challenge' or something like that.  So I've been trying to do yoga for 30 consecutive days.  So far it's going good.  I also found a really good yoga app for the iPad, which I downloaded.  It helps because I can make my own yoga sequences on there.

I've recently learned how to do the plow pose, along with the staff pose.  The staff pose is this one--it really helped me to follow the instructions, regarding the 'keeping the elbows tight against the sides' thing, because I hadn't been doing that when I've been attempting the pose before and I've always fallen down.

On the real life front, my mind is in summer mode, and I'm applying for jobs.  In fact, I recently had an interview at Knott's Berry Farm--I'll see what comes out of that, but I'm not holding my breath for a job there, although it would be nice.  I really need to just get out of summer mode--that's the only problem I have.
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18 June 2013 @ 09:25 am
Done with UCI  
I am now an alumna of UCI.  I hold a B.A. in anthropology and European Studies (with an emphasis in medieval studies) and I don't know what I want to do with my life or with careers or anything.

Whatever.  I'm done with undergraduate studies and it's a kind of bittersweet feeling, personally.  I spent three years at community college and three years at UCI and I'm just going to miss that feeling of being a student.

Although I do know I want to go back for grad school in the way-off future, hopefully (maybe for something medieval?  It is a favorite subject of mine...although I wouldn't say no to a language program, preferably in Russian, or IDK.  I'll deal with that in the future).

These past few weeks have been hectic for me and so I just haven't updated a whole lot.

The important things that happened:

-I finished my European Studies thesis!  It's called 'From Geoffrey of Monmouth to Geoffrey Chaucer: The Political Portrayal of Knights and Chivalry in Medieval Literature'.  I must admit that I didn't see the paper to be ending up the way it did when I started thinking about the thesis--I mean I knew from the start that I wanted to focus on knights in medieval society, but the fact that I ended up analyzing how knights were represented in literature was something I honestly did not see coming.

I kind of blame the professor who guided the whole seminar for leading me down the path of analyzing literature.  Seriously.  Because otherwise I wouldn't have even looked at literature at all.  And I did.

The paper is far from perfect, but it's my own paper and I got to shape its argument and battle with it and have writer's block over it and I'm proud of it.  (I swear I had writer's block!  Seriously.  My original argument: Chaucer's represenation of knights and chivalry is different!  And then one night I had an epiphany and the argument became 'knights and chivarly were portrayed for political and religious purposes!'  And after that the paper became easier to write.  Before that it was causing me a lot of stress and grief.  So, yeah, I discovered that it's possible to get writer's block on a research paper.)

The one thing that amazes me is that this whole idea of a thesis started last year in around October and back then I knew I wanted to write about knights and the crusades, but I didn't know how much it would change.

-I had to give a presentation of my thesis in front of faculty members 0_0 professors, mainly, and some of my fellow classmates who also had to write a thesis.  But still OMG it was just too scary and I just hated it and I didn't like it and I don't like speech presentations...although at least it wasn't in Russian, so there's that.  (At UCLA last year for my Russian class I had to give a presentation about a city and the speech had to be in Russian.) (Although, TBH, I would totally prefer to give a presentation in Russian.)

-I had too many final papers to write.  That's because I had no midterms but, hindsight being 20/20 and all, I would prefer midterms over final papers.  Although I only had one final test to really study for and the rest I just had to do mad-dash researching and writing and, you know, NaNoWriMo taught me how to do a lot of focusing on writing things and so the writing was relatively easy.

Except for the anthro paper--I just had trouble with arguing that and the whole format of that paper.

-I'm hoping I got good grades this quarter

So, now that school is out of the way, now it's time to talk about fandom news:

-still slightly obsessed with Star Trek (AOS only) and everything Kirk/Spock.
-made an Odd Couple music video

I think this one turned out quite well.

-made a Star Trek music video:

This one was is one of my favorites :D

-I need to get caught up with Psych
-I just finished watching season 2 of Gilmore Girls and I need to watch more.  (Yes, I like that show.  I like the writing--the writing is witty.  If it wasn't for the writing, and the insane amount of pop culture references that I adore, then I wouldn't watch the show.  And I like the characters.  And I don't know why I'm listing reasons to defend myself for liking a show...)
-Jared Padalecki being in Gilmore Girls made me want to start up my re-watch of Supernatural, so I'm doing that again now.  I'm onto episode 4 of season 1.  I forgot how bad some of the plots were--especially in episode 3--it's like the father just shows up out of the blue at the end when Dean and Sam find the bike--how did he know they were there?  And, yeah, the episode has Amy Acker in it but the episode isn't all that good.
-James Donald and Richard Attenborough starred in another movie together!  It's called Conduct Unbecoming and I don't know how good it is but I just got it on Netflix and I can't wait until I watch it because it's James Donald and Richard Attenborough! :D
-I'm donating platelets again on Thursday.  I asked if I could bring my own film and they said yes so I'm going to bring The Great Escape.  I've got nothing against all the amazing films the center has (they have Avengers, Inception, The Hobbit, Toy Story 3...).  It's just lately The Great Escape has become my 'time to unwind and watch a film to calm down' type of film.  (I'm not overly obsessed with it anymore but maybe only slightly obsessed with it now.)
-Much Ado About Nothing.  Amazing.  I watched it earlier this month in LA and it was one of the screenings that Joss Whedon, Clark Gregg, Amy Acker, Tom Lenk, and Alexis Denisof were doing a Q+A at and I was in row D at the theater (they had assigned seating) so I was closer to Whedon & co. than I was when I was at Wondercon.
-I saw Whedon live in person twice this year.  Wow.  I don't think I'll ever have a chance at getting his autograph but still :D it's mind blowing.
-I'm watching a movie called Charade (or Charades--I don't remember the name).  It stars Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, but the main reason I'm watching it is because it also stars James Coburn and Walter Matthau.  I'm hoping they interact at some point in the film--that would be awesome.  (Also, apparently my grandparents used to live in the same neighborhood as Matthau back in the '70s/'80s because they saw Matthau walking his dog in the neighborhood.

They also lived across the street from Ronald Reagan.
-I also started watching Twin Peaks.  I've never watched it before and Amazon Prime has the episodes and so I'm watching it on there.  So far I find it slightly funny--maybe it's just slightly cheesy.  And I can't believe it was made in the '90s.  It seems like it was made earlier, like in the '80s.
-my cousin is a boom operator in the entertainment industry and he's worked with Mumford and Sons and I'm slightly jealous of him.  I mean it.  I think it's mostly because I really want to see Mumford & Sons in concert someday.  (Also on my list of 'bands to see in concert' would be Sigur Ros, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and Cat Stevens/Yusuf.  So far the only singers/bands I've seen are Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull and Mika.  And actually I'm planning on seeing Ian Anderson again in July in LA because just to see him perform the entirety of Thick as a Brick only one time wasn't enough to satisfy me and I wanted to see the entire performance again.)

Hopefully I'll update more this month now that I'm done with stressing out for school.  I do need to start doing something, though, even if it's volunteering.  I would prefer a job, though, I just have to make the effort to apply (I'm really lazy at the moment).  Or an internship would be good.  The only thing that's stopping me is that there's a possibility I may move to San Diego later this summer with a friend, so if I happen to get an internship now, then I would only be there for at least a month or two, and this one I have my eye on requires a person to stay in the internship for three months, so...

I'll get to work someday on replying to all the messages left on the past journal entry.
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