31 May 2014 @ 01:46 pm
Yikes.  It's been over a month since I last posted.

Anyway, I'll just pretend that never happened and I'll try to get back on track with posting every day (only because I want to finish that CLAMP 30 Day challenge thing...).

Work is going well.  I've been working on the Pixar parade a whole lot lately, which I don't mind, because the hours are good--not to early and not too late.  The only thing I don't like about working the parade is working in the heat, but parade management always has cold water and Gatorade for the performers and we (the costumers) can drink the water and Gatorade as well.

I've started volunteering at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.  I normally wouldn't volunteer so far away but a: Orange County is pretty sparse, when it comes to museums.  Sure, we have Bowers Museum, but whenever I submit a volunteer application to them I never, ever hear back from them.  Also, Bowers is pretty small.  The NHM in LA has three floors, is 100 years old, they have a ton of exhibits, they have a pretty amazing Dino Hall, they're historic, they have behind the scene volunteer opportunities and tons of different departments (like the department of anthropology), and, yeah, I'm kind of considering a career in a museum (like a curator.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  I like being around historic things/places/areas).  So I figured I would volunteer in a museum to see if I like the environment and plus it's something to put on my resume.  But I'm just doing it for the experience.  I know I should list a 'b' reason because I had an 'a' reason but I can't think of anything for a 'b' reason.  Um...maybe b: it's in downtown LA and downtown LA is very historic?  Ooh!  The NHM was featured in the L.A. Noire game :D which I totally want to play again just because.  I like driving in that game.  I can drive on sidewalks.  I can drive in the L.A. river basin in the game.  And a couple Mondays ago when I took the train we were beside the L.A. river and I looked at it and thought back to L.A. Noire and the one case where the character did a car chase in the L.A. river.

TL;DR NHM is very historic and L.A. Noire influences how I look at downtown L.A. now.

Also, a good thing is that I can take the train to the museum.  Well, I have to take the Metrolink from Orange County to the L.A. Union Station, and then from there I take the metro (which is L.A.'s version of a subway system or the tube), which drops me off right in front of the museum.  So that means I don't have to drive and deal with rush hour traffic and sitting in traffic and being super stressed out.  Instead I can take the train and read and listen to music and relax and not have to worry about driving at all.

Also, the metro purple/red line (which I take to get to the Expo line, and that's the one that goes in front of the museum) goes right through downtown L.A., right near the Los Angeles Central Library (which is this pretty impressive tall building with an apparently amazing looking interior and a lot of floors.  I can also get a library card for free, which I just put in my request for, and I'll pick it up next Monday when I go to the library.  Maybe I'll check out books as well.

The purple/red line also has a stop/station right near The Last Bookstore (which looks like this and has stuff like this and this).  They also sell records.  Not sure if I'll go there next Monday--I do want to go, though, because it's been so long since I've went.

TL;DR I want to go explore downtown L.A. by metro.

Another good thing about the metro/metrolink is that a round trip ticket costs $19.50.  It's not that much--it's still quite pricey, I must admit, but compared to driving, which uses up way more gas to get from the O.C. to L.A., then it's not that much.  I can get about 320 miles out of my car on a tank of gas and driving to and from L.A. is about 80 miles total.  Add in all the driving to DL that I do and I would need to fill up my car every other week.  So taking the train is better for me, for financial reasons and mental reasons (like it doesn't stress me out and I can chill out on the train).

On the fandom front, I'm re-watching Life on Mars because I haven't seen in it in forever.  I'm planning on re-watching Ashes to Ashes afterwards.  I'm also watching Deadliest Catch, which is my guilty pleasure show, because I'm only watching it for the drama.  (Also for Sig, Edgar, and the Hillstrand brothers.)  I'm also re-watching the X-Men film that I own (X-Men, X-Men 2, The Last Stand, and First Class).  I had planned on watching all before watching Days of Future Past but that obviously didn't happen (although I still watch DoFP).  I just finished X-Men 2 and now I need to watch Last Stand (although, hesitant on that because of what happened to Cyclops).  And last night I decided I would watch The Dresden Files, because I'm re-reading the series and I figured, hey, why not re-watch the show as well?

And earlier this week on Wednesday I watched The Great Escape in a movie theater again lol XD it was at the same one where I watched Harold and Maude last year (as well as The Magnificent Seven).  They're also showing Jaws in June which I really want to see because, dude, Jaws on the big screen=awesomeness.  And it deserves to be watched on the big screen.

Seeing The Great Escape at the tiny movie theater wasn't as good as seeing it in Grauman's Chinese Theater.  They used some high-quality transfer (or something like that) last year at the Chinese Theater (because it was the TCM movie festival thing and so they had to), whereas the version of the film used for the tiny theater was dark in color/contrast.  IDK.  It lacked the whole 'omg brightness' that the one at the Grauman theater last year had.  But, nevertheless, it was still good.  Obviously nothing will live up to the Grauman's Chinese Theater Great Escape event, but I take The Great Escape on the big screen where I can because it's one of the movies that I need to watch on the big screen.

On the book front, I'm making my way through The Dresden Files books.  I'm just about finished with White Night (one more chapter left!) and after that I'll move onto Small Favor.  I'm also reading Magic Knight Rayearth (a manga by CLAMP) and Mary Poppins (because I've never read it before and I might as well read it).
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14 December 2013 @ 09:47 am
I want this to be a fandom post because I haven't talked about what I'm watching in a long time.

-I recently read the book Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, mostly because I want to see the movie Brighton Rock.  The film stars Richard Attenborough and it was made in the 1940s so he looks incredibly young.  I read the book first because I sort of hate it when a movie changes what I had in mind for the book.  (I know that sentence probably came out wrong but here's an example: Harry Potter.  Now that I've seen all the HP films, whenever I read the books I can't imagine anyone else but Daniel Radcliffe as Harry or Alan Rickman as Snape.  It's kind of annoying, TBH.  It's even more annoying when I read A Christmas Carol and I picture Kermit as Bob Cratchit or Michael Caine as Scrooge, or even Gonzo is doing the narration.  TL;DR I don't want what I imagine the characters to be like in a book to be influenced by films.)

So, yes, I have Brighton Rock on my to-watch list.  I'll get around to watching it eventually.

-for some odd reason I started watching Gilmore Girls again.  I just finished season 3 and now I'm onto season 4 and I forgot how witty and funny the show is.

-I've also started watching Three's Company again.  I started watching it about a year or more ago and then stopped and just recently started again.  (That seems to be the story of my life when it comes to shows: I start watching, stop for some reason, and then start back up.)

-Spaced.  Also started watching that again.  Last time I watched it I only made it mid-way through season 1 and stopped (it was a re-watch, so I've seen the show before).  What with The World's End coming out on DVD and my having watched it recently on Blu-Ray, I was in need for some more Pegg and Frost, hence Spaced.  I'm hoping to finish seasons 1 and 2 this month (along with a billion other shows).

-I started watching a film earlier this month called A NIght of the Generals.  It takes place during WWII and has to do with an officer investigating a murder.  It stars Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Tom Courtenay, Donald Pleasance, Gordon Jackson, and others (although the main reason why I'm watching it are Courtenay and Jackson.  Gordon Jackson was also in The Great Escape, along with Donald, so yay!  Great Escape actors!  And Tom Courtenay has recently become my favorite British actor, so that's also good).  I'm actually liking Omar in this film--I hated Lawrence of Arabia (for some reason) and I had to watch this other film for a class I took in college that starred Sharif and Caine (and it was a bad film) but Sharif is amazing in A Night of the Generals (as well as O'Toole).

-still watching Agents of Shield.  Still liking it.  Liking Fitz a whole lot.  I need to watch the recent episode though.

-started watching Dead Like Me again.  This time I made it past season 1 and now I'm watching season 2 (although I've stopped momentarily--I'll try to finish the season before the year ends)

-also watched The Hobbit.  It was good--I need to watch it again, though.  There were too many things that were happening that distracted me from the movie (someone's cell phone went off twice.  She apologized to me after the movie, explaining that she had gotten a new Droid and she didn't know how to silence the ringer).  Also: Legolas!  And Kili! :D I loved Kili in the film.  And all the scenes with the Smaug were amazing.  I just really do need to see it again in 3-D, just for the Smaug scenes.

Work is going well.  I've had plenty of night shifts so far--not morning--which I can deal with, because I like night time shifts better (I like sleeping in too much).  It's still a tiny bit surreal to see characters walking around backstage--this one time I was collecting hangars from one of the break rooms where all the Sweetums people relax in and when I came out of the room another Sweetums was standing there and it was quite startling, TBQH.  I just didn't expect to see Sweetums standing there and so I was sort of awed because, OMG Sweetums! and at the same time kind of freaked out because I didn't expect him to be standing there at all.

And yesterday I saw Pluto walking around backstage.

I mean I know there are people under there, under the heads and under the Pluto furs and Tigger furs, but I'm still impressed because the people in the costumes make the characters come to life so...

TL;DR the magic hasn't been lost, even if I am working backstage.  I know how some things are working backstage, like how Buzz is put together, which is quite awesome--it's like knowing a magician's secret to a magic trick, but even when the magician still performs the trick it's still wonderful to see, regardless if I know the trick (and that would be the metaphor as to what it means to me to be working backstage).

My favorite thing to do is to put together characters.  For all the characters that have fur, there are rings that you put in the body pads (that are stuffed into the fur) that makes the characters have the certain shape and appearance they need.  It's not the same for Buzz, though.  For that character, there are all these parts that Velcro on and snap onto each other and I like building Buzz.  I've also built Sully--once--and he sheds worse than my cat.  I've also built Woody--twice--and I've built the chipmunks too many times to count.  I've built Bob (Mr. Incredible) only once.

So, yes, the job is going well. 
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11 November 2013 @ 06:37 pm
Some updates  
So I've finally got a part time job.  It's at Disneyland and I'll be working in the wardrobe department (or entertainment costuming.  I think there's two names for the same job.  Basically, whatever it's called, I'll be helping with the costumes backstage.  I'll be cleaning some costumes, I think.  Really, what I know so far is that I'll be helping with the costumes.

So I won't have to be in the costume.

Which is a good thing, because I can't even begin to imagine being in a costume).

There's a couple good things about working at Disneyland: I can get into the park for free.  Which is awesome, because ever since graduating I wanted to go to Disneyland to celebrate and now I can!  Also, I can get 40% off merchandise right now (holiday special), every cast member gets a holiday package, which includes dining discounts, coupons for free popcorn and free drinks, three tickets that can be used to bring in family/friends, an ornament...

There's this store called Company D, which sells disused Disney merchandise.  They had an alarm clock there--the original price was $31.  It was 50% off (everything is) and so I got it for $15.

I had orientation over the weekend, which involved going backstage, and sitting in classrooms, and I was getting paid for it :D my actual training starts Friday, but so far it's going pretty good.  I have the name tag--the white one--and it has my name on it, and did I mention that I can get into Disneyland for free whenever I want to?  And California Adventure?  This means I can go to Carsland whenever I want.  This means I can ride the Haunted Mansion anytime I want.

And I believe parking is also free :D

So, yes, that's about the only major life event that's happened.  Oh, and I finally picked up my diplomas.  I need to get really good frames for them to show them off.  But I picked up two--because I majored in two different schools.

Also, I finally saw a live production of Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The audience participation was insane and I had a lot of fun seeing it being performed.

Other than that, not a lot has been going on in my life that warranted me doing an update.

I'm re-watching Buffy again (which I don't know how that happened.  In fact, I stopped watching Hogan's Heroes in the middle of season 5 and I don't know why that happened either--I go through so many fandom obsessions it's not even silly).  I'm on season 3 at the moment, which is probably my favorite season, next to season 6.  I really forgot how good the show actually is, now that I'm re-watching it.  I can't wait to get to Angel :D only because there's Doyle :D

I'm also reading a ton of books.  Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, I'm re-reading Catcher in the Rye and I've started reading Dresden Files: Summer Knight again.  I also re-read A Separate Peace, which I had read back in high school.  I really liked it better this time around--maybe I just had issues with analyzing it in high school and that's what made me hate the book when I was younger.  (Most of the books I read for non-English honors in high school usually turned out to be my favorite books.  I think English honors over-analyzed books to the point where the books weren't fun for me to read.  Although, TBH, I just have issues with people analyzing books sometimes.  Except, strangely enough, not films.  I don't know why that is.)

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year and I'm determined to reach 50,000 words.  Last year I didn't make it that far, because I was busy with school, and the year before that I just had no motivation, so I'm determined to motivate myself enough to the point where I actually write 50,000 words.  I'm hoping it works out--I'm up to nearly 17,000.  I'm hoping that training won't tire me out so much that I won't be able to write.  Luckily I wrote enough for the first three days so I didn't have to write all that much this past weekend (the orientation tired me out as well).
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