29 September 2013 @ 03:47 pm
Some updates  
I can't believe I didn't post for more than a month--I've been reading the friends list and everything, I just never felt like I needed to post.

The one thing that's happened since I last posted is that I got an internship with Make-A-Wish.  I'm an auction committee intern.  Basically, what I do is I call stores/companies and I ask for a donation.  I have a slight fear of making a phone call and speaking to someone over the phone (IDK why I have that fear, I just do...) but it's not really affecting my phone-call-making abilities at Make-a-Wish.  There are some days when I get to pick up a donation item as well :) which are fun days.  Except for when I get lost and the GPS on my phone reroutes my route too later when I'm driving down a street.

(My navigation skills are horrible.  I really do need a GPS if I'm going out of town to Newport Beach or LA.  Any area that isn't Orange/Santa Ana/Tustin, basically.)

I also started volunteering at the library.  The volunteer coordinator for that has no set time for me to come in so I'm making sure that I come in at least once a week and volunteer for at least an hour.  I'm helping with re-shelving the books.  Which I like doing, because it means I can organize shelves to my heart's content and I get to tidy them up and make sure the shelves look really neat and organized.

I'm still looking for a job.  I had an interview at Disneyland a couple weeks ago and they put me on the wait-list for a job.  The other day I had an interview at Queen Mary for a seasonal job.  I'm hoping something comes my way by December because I have student loan payments starting in December.

I'm thinking of doing one of those 30 day memes that requires me to update every day because it would at least give me something to talk about.

Anyway, changing the subject: guys, look at this!

First off, the Sigur Ros song <3 and The Musketeers, also <3 (I love The Three Musketeers book and I'm hoping that the BBC adaptation will be good).

Also, there's another video I want to share.  But first, some back story.  For the last couple months I've been obsessing over Richard Dawson (he was in Hogan's Heroes).  I even watched the game show Match Game because he was in it (it's a good game show, BTW).  And then I was also getting into The Odd Couple TV show and then I ran across this:

go to the 4:36 minute mark and be prepared to be amazed :D the first time my friend and I saw it we instantly declared that it was the greatest video ever simply because it's Tony and Richard singing and dancing.

Lately I've also been obsessing over Tom Courtenay (a British actor).  The only reason why that's so was because I had seen King Rat a couple months ago and I really liked Tom's character and and I wanted to see more of Tom Courtenay.  I really want to see The Night of the Generals.  Other than the fact that it has Tom in it, it also stars Gordon Jackson, Donald Pleasance, and Nigel Stock, all of whom were in The Great Escape.  I told my parents about that and they didn't seem impressed.  And then I told my friend that and she seemed more impressed (because she's about as fannish as I am regarding certain actors).

(Speaking of old actors, I've also recently become obsessed with Buster Keaton.  I think I like him more than Charlie Chaplin.  I just like Keaton's brand of humor more than Chaplin's.)

So, the other reason why I'm posting is so that I can share my thoughts on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and The Michael J. Fox Show.

What I liked:

-Ron Glass!
-J. August Richards!
-Bear McCreary doing the music!  (When I was younger and obsessed with the BSG music my only dream was that Bear could do the score for a Joss Whedon show and now it's finally happening, so I'm just extremely happy about that.)
-Fitz!  (Again, I like him for the accent.  IDK why I like all the British actors for their accents.  That makes me seem shallow.)
-The witty dialogue
-Melinda May.  The actress actually did the voice for Mulan in the Mulan films so now whenever she comes on screen I'm going to be thinking, 'Hey, Mulan!'  But, seriously, I liked Melinda May.

What I didn't like:

-it was 42 minutes long--I wanted it to be longer.  Maybe at least an hour.
-What doesn't Coulson know?  I want to know what Coulson doesn't know.  What happened to him?

What I'm ambivalent about:

-Skye.  I'm verging on the side of liking her, but she's coming across (at the moment) as trying hard to make people like her and so that's also making me verge on the side of not liking.  I'm hoping her character settles down in the future.

Now for the Michael J. Fox Show:

What I liked:

-MJF!  I don't like that he looks old.  He looks younger when he smiles.
-the show was funny.  I must admit that I laughed at some of the jokes

What I didn't:

-they were trying to squeeze three storylines into a 22 minute show.  Which, DNW, because a: it made the show move along really fast and b: it jumped around insanely a lot to the different storylines and c: it just seemed awkward
-MJF is old :( (I don't like being reminded of an actor's mortality.  I have issues with that.)
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[identity profile] geekslave.livejournal.com on September 30th, 2013 04:10 am (UTC)
Congrats on the internship. Hope you find a job soon.

I'm familiar with Richard Dawson. I've watched his Family Feud often on the Game Show Network.

Liked the SHIELD pilot better than I thought I would.

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