24 May 2013 @ 12:50 pm
So...Star Trek  
Last week I went to see it at midnight on Wednesday night.

And there weren't a whole lot of people in the theater.  Really.  There were more people around for The Avengers midnight premiere last year than there was for the Star Trek premiere this year.  I wonder why that was.

Anyway, because it was midnight, and I usually have a bad habit of conking out half-way throughout the film (or, well, I was close to just closing my eyes and sleeping because I was exhausted), this first (notice how I said first) review will entirely be from my limited consciousness perspective.

Okay, first thing: too much action.  I was rolling my eyes at the amount of action.  It was as if the action dial was on maximum--it wouldn't let up at all.  I mean I know there was action in the first film, but not so much that it overshadowed the characters.  I felt that this film the writers were deciding it needed to be all 'OMG ACTION' rather than 'characters'.

Now, remember, what I remember of the film is clouded in hazy exhaustion, so maybe some of my opinions will change when I re-watch it.

I still didn't like Uhura and Spock.  It's not that I don't like the shipping--I think I'm just mainly annoyed with Uhura.  Particularly with the way she's written?  IDK.  I just don't like Uhura.

This movie didn't have enough Kirk and Spock scenes.  Or maybe it did.  I just don't remember it all.

I missed Chekov in this film D: I know he was in it, but he didn't get enough screen time.

I like that Simon Pegg had an increased screen time :D

I like that there was no cartoon-ish scenes in the film (the scene in the first film of Scott being stuck in the water pipes annoys me so much in the first film).

I didn't like the Leonard Nimoy came back.  It kind of cheapened his appearance in the first film.  I mean I get that this movie was paying homage (referencing?) The Wrath of Khan, but really, did they need to drag original Spock into the film again?  I get that Nimoy is totally amazingly awesome and amazing, but that's like cheating.  I really do think the new Star Trek crew should have figured out things on their own.

TL;DR I think they should have left out Nimoy's appearance.

I totally saw Kirk dying months back when I figured they were doing a Wrath of Khan thing.

I wanted him to stay dead.

Of course, if there's no more movies after this, then it makes sense they brought him back.  But I thought it kind of cheapened his death as well.

One thing I liked: tribble.

Bones didn't have enough screen time, and I liked his line, "I'm a doctor, not a torpedo technician"=lol.

Carol Marcus?  I didn't like her?  What was her entire point in the film?  Was she a character from TOS?  And what was with older Marcus' deal with wanting to kill Kirk?  Because they had Khan?

Khan being Khan didn't surprise me all that much.

(For the record, I saw WoK a few years back.  I barely remember anything about it except that the actor who played Chekov had cut his hair and the producers didn't like that and the actor wore a wig throughout the film.  Other than that...oh, and Spock died, but he stayed dead until the next film.)

And then I figured I would see Star Trek again, because when I'm incredibly stressed out about school things (such as my senior thesis), I tend to just procrastinate and escape as much as possible into fandom.  So I saw it in iMax and 3-D and it was amazing.

I loved the I-Max.  And the 3-D.  And, because I was conscious this time as opposed to half-conscious, I was able to pay attention more fully and I really like the movie the second time around.  I still think there was a little bit too much action in it but I loved all the Kirk and Spock scenes.

I must admit, though, that when Admiral Marcus told Kirk to stop and think about his actions, I was just reminded of the scene from The Blues Brothers when Aretha Franklin's character tells her husband to stop and think about what he's doing and then it segues into the song Think.  So that line in the Star Trek movie is, to me, hilarious because it just reminds me of TBB.

I like that Simon Pegg had more funny scenes in the film, like when he was on Earth and at the bar and he was drinking and talking to Kirk and he then hung up angrily on him when he said, 'Well, you made me resign!' or something like that.

I was just happy Simon had more screen time, overall.  I like Simon.

It felt like the movie didn't use McCoy a whole lot (IMO).

Anyway, overall, Star Trek was a lot better the second time I saw it when I was alert and awake and not wanting to sleep.  Which proves my theory that, while midnight releases are fun, I should really watch a movie when I feel alert and awake.
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[identity profile] geekslave.livejournal.com on May 25th, 2013 01:56 am (UTC)
I liked the first movie better, but I liked this one. There was probably an overemphasis on action at the expense of most of the supporting characters, but it didn't bother me too much.

I like Uhura well enough.

Loved all the Kirk/Spock stuff.

I really, really liked Scotty.

I also laughed at Jim's "I'm a doctor not a..." It reminded me of another movie that mimicked the way the original Bones talked and it made me laugh a lot.

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[identity profile] ultrapeach.livejournal.com on May 25th, 2013 03:37 am (UTC)
I think I've managed to pinpoint my particular problem with that Uhura. In 'Into Darkness' she basically wasn't a person in her own right. Almost all her screentime was her emotionally reacting to Spock... except at the end where she did something useful which incidentally was also Spock-related.

And because I like TOS Uhura, it's super annoying.
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