10 May 2013 @ 07:35 pm
My adventures in Los Angeles and Hollywood  
Because I haven't updated in forever since April, this entry will be mostly about things I did in April.

Los Angeles just seems like a completely different country compared to Orange County.  First of all, there's the problem of traffic, which I battled with for the majority of the time I drove in LA yesterday.

Anyway.  On April 21 I went to see Whose Line Is It Anyway.  I had a ticket and everything and the line was rather long, but I was hoping I would be able to get in to see the show.  To make a long story short, I didn't (kind of-ish).  Apparently they ran out of room so they moved all the people who wanted to go to the overfill room to the overfill room, which was just another room.  It was from that room that me and a bunch of other people saw the show being taped.  We saw it on TV screens.  Needless to say, it was a bit of a downer.

(And, also, it's a common thing for TV studios to give out a bunch of tickets for TV tapings because they want to get a full house?  IDK.  Their logic, while quite logical--they want to make sure all seats are filled--is, at the same time, quite illogical, because there were people there who were hoping to actually get into the taping room and see it live and not from the overfill room.)

So anyway, fast forward to around 10 PM--3/4 of the people who had been in the room already left, so it was just me, a group of four people, and two other people.  Then this guy comes in and says they need two people, because apparently there are two empty seats, and they need those filled for when they film the audience (IDK--something like that) and, considering how I was just the one person in my group (I'm suddenly reminded of the Muppets song Me Party--wow), I said I would go.  Because why not?  I needed a change.

So I got to be in the same room as the WLiiA cast for about fifteen minutes.

Overall, if I had the opportunity, I would probably go again, but I would get to the studio super earlier, and I just hate how they over-distribute the tickets.  I mean I know the tickets are free so it's like I didn't even lose any money at all, but I drove all the way to LA for the purpose of seeing the show, and I kind of did.  I'm conflicted.

Oh, and then at the beginning when everyone was standing in line outside they said we couldn't bring cell phones in, and so I went back to my car to put my cell phone away.  Later when I was in the taping room (I don't know what else to call the room where they have the cameras) I saw a few people had their cell phones with them.  WTH.

Anyway, that same week on Friday (the 26th) I went back to LA.  The main reason for that was because there's this film festival going on in LA that weekend hosted by TCM (this popular movie channel that shows a lot of old, classic movies).  On the 26th they showed The Great Escape, which was digitally remastered, and I wanted to see it.  And there's this assignment I have to do for my art history class in the future, where I have to go to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Arts) and choose an object from the Islamic art collection they have and write about that.  So I decided I would try to kill two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking) and I went to LACMA first.  I got there around 11:30 AM, and the traffic was horrible D:

at one point the GPS had me getting of the 405-N freeway and drive about 9 miles down Cranshaw road, which wasn't as bad as the traffic on the freeway, but it wasn't all that good during certain times.  I eventually made it to LACMA, hung around for about two hours, and then I decided to go to the Barnes and Noble at the Grove, because whenever I get stressed and I feel out of my depth in another part of CA, I like going somewhere familiar.  Like the bookstore.

The bookstore had three floors.  It was so huge!  And that's the same bookstore that hosts all these signings by various people, so that's one reason why it's so huge.  They had a really good language section--they had some language books that weren't available at other B&N in Orange County.  They had a good graphic novel section, a good manga section, a large DVD section--overall it was just larger and I loved it.  I just like the bookstore.

I really didn't like the Grove though--it's this shopping district type of thing.  The first hour of parking was free, but after the second hour it was $4, which I didn't quite like.  So I left and decided to head on up toward Hollywood Blvd, which has the Chinese Theater (there's another name for that, I know it--the Grauman theater?  IDK), and that was where The Great Escape was going to show.

Traffic was, again, really bad, and I had to park in this public parking lot, because I just couldn't handle the traffic, and I wanted to park.  It cost $20, which was insane, but whatever.  I guess parking is expensive in LA (and the gas as well--I saw some gas prices up in LA--some stations was over $4).

I was so totally oblivious to the fact that I was actually walking down Hollywood Boulevard lol.  It's the street that has the stars in the cement.  I didn't care about that (apparently I'm not so much of a tourist when it comes to Hollywood?  I mean I kind of am, but not so much of a tourist that I was excited at seeing the stars on the sidewalk).  I managed to find the stand-by line for The Great Escape and the Chinese Theater holds enough people that I'm pretty sure everyone was able to get in (all those who were standing in the stand-by line, because they let in the pass holders first and then the stand-by people).  I got a seat in the back but it was a good seat and I was able to see the screen.

(The Chinese Theater, a.k.a. the Grauman's Chinese Theater, and then it was renamed, has the footprints and handprints outside.  When I was waiting in line in the front I was standing on the slab of cement the Marx Brothers handprinted and wrote their name on.  Talk about amazing coincidence that I managed to look down at the ground when I did, otherwise I would never have seen it.  That was as close as I'm ever going to get to the Marx Brothers lol.)

The film was amazing.  So much amazing.  It was a digitally restored version so it just looked 10x better than the DVD I have.  And it was Richard Attenborough on the big screen and James Coburn on the big screen and everyone else I love on the big screen.  It was just surreal.  I loved it.

Hollywood Blvd. at night reminded me of Las Vegas at night.  And it's not because you have people dressed in random character outfits with the intention and hopes of getting people to take pictures with them (and maybe earning money?).  I passed by Iron Man, Spiderman, Mickey and Minnie Mouse (deformed, of course)--I saw Batman drinking beer.  IDK.  Whenever I see people dressed in character outfits, wanting money, I just tend to ignore them.  Only because I find it slightly creepy.

(Although, TBH, nothing beats the scary Spongebob and Patrick costumes I saw a couple of people wearing in Las Vegas.)

There was this one shopping center that reminded me of Las Vegas.  It was massive.  I took pictures of the massive-ness of the center, and then I tried to take a picture of the El Capitan theater with my cell phone, but the picture didn't turn out all that well, because I took the picture with my cell phone.

I kind of liked Hollywood Blvd at night more than in the day, maybe because it was just so bright at night.  I didn't like it in the day.  And I didn't like the traffic.  Overall, it was a good street, with lots of historical buildings.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone though--it's touristy.  The only thing that amazed me was that I actually saw The Great Escape on big screen in the Chinese Theater.  (It was impressive on the inside as well.)

On May 6th I got The Great Escape Blu-Ray and it looks amazing.  Not as amazing as seeing it on the big screen, but it's loads better than the DVD I have (the regular, non blu-ray one).  I'm kind of annoyed, though, because there is no main menu and I have to hit 'pop menu' or something like that and it will pop up this menu on the bottom of the screen.  IDK.  I'm kind of jealous because Lawrence of Arabia got this amazing Blu-Ray release and The Great Escape--despite being the 50th anniversary of its release--didn't really get a whole lot of special features or even fanfare.

Anyway, other than that I've been highly busy with school.  My European Studies thesis is coming along well, although I have problems with procrastinating.  And today I donated platelets--I thought I was going to be donating blood--I originally made an appointment to donate blood--but then they saw my blood type was AB+ so they asked if I could donate platelets.  Because apparently AB+ (and AB-) are universal platelet donors.  Which I didn't know about before today.  I must also admit I like donating platelets more than giving blood.  With platelets all they do is take platelets and give the rest of the blood back to you (or, well, rather, me) and so I'm not left feeling lightheaded and faint.  I mean I was slightly tingly--but that was mostly because my arm stayed in one position for about two hours.

Also I got to watch a film :D they had a lot of films I could have watched.  I ended up watching A Knight's Tale.  When I go back to donate blood I think I'll watch The Cabin in the Woods (they have that on DVD!) or The Avengers.  Or I think I can bring my own.

Anyway, it's basically just wasting two hours of my life, watching a film, but doing something good while watching a film.  And the nurses pampered me and I had blankets and pillows and I couldn't move my arms, sure, but I liked it so much better than donating blood.

And that's my adventure donating platelets.

The person managing the front desk of the center commented on my t-shirt (it was an Avengers t-shirt) and when I watched A Knight's Tale he said, 'That's Alan Tudyk, right?  Alpha.' (Which later I realized was a subtle reference to Dollhouse--I haven't watched that show in ages.)  And then I said I liked The Avengers because of Joss Whedon and he was all, 'Right, so you're a Whedonite' or he said something along those lines.  But it was geeky fun :P I like bumping into fellow geeks.

(It reminds me of this one time I was shopping for groceries and in the parking lot I passed by this car that had the stickers 'Serenity' and 'Firefly' on the back window and I called out to the people in the car, 'I like your Firefly and Serenity!' because I was just too excited to form a more comprehensive sentence.  Luckily they knew what I said and when they drove past me they said, 'Well, we did name our car Shiny'.)

Anyway, Deadliest Catch thoughts, because Deadliest Catch started recently:

Things I hate:

-Elliot.  Good God, every other sentence out of his mouth is, 'I own a boat!  I own a boat!'  If I could play a drinking game with an episode of DC and I used that phrase for the game I'd probably be drunk at the end of the episode.  I used to like him--when he was introduced to the show.  And now I just can't stand him.  He's too arrogant.  And too annoying.
-the opening credits are cut down!  They aren't playing all of the Bon Jovi song :(

Things I like:

-Edgar!  And Sig!
-the Hillstrand brothers
-apparently Josh bought the Cornelia Marie again (found this out via Twitter), so that's good
-Jake Anderson
-everyone else on the Northwestern

And that's about it.  There's not much for me to like.  Or hate.  Deadliest Catch to me is 'turn off your brain and just watch' type of shows.

Other than that, I haven't been watching a lot of shows.  A lot of movies, yes, but I'm behind in Psych and I need to get caught up, and I have plans to watch Farscape, although I don't know when that'll happen.
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That sucks that you almost didn't get into the taping of WLIIA, but at least you got to see some of it being taped.

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