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Whedonland Big Bang Challenge Table  
All drabbles are between 100-150 words. (Okay, I want to say that it sounded easy to write 100 100-150-word drabbles. It's not. It was harder than I expected. A lot of the drabbles ended up AU.)

[livejournal.com profile] whedonland
Author: velociraptor52
Theme: Doyle
001. Opposites-1 point
002. Bonfire-1 point
003. Sleep-1 point
004. Danger-1 point
005. Victim-1 point
006. Promise-1 point
007. Nightmare-1 point
008. Dread-1 point
009. Eyes-1 point
010. Need-1 point
011. Apples-1 point
012. Candles-1 point
013. Cinnamon-1 point
014. Regret-1 point
015. Sick-1 point
016. Wedding-1 point
017. Silk-1 point
018. Blood-1 point
019. Lonely-1 point
020. Blizzard-1 point
021. Lost-1 point
022. Mystery-1 point
023. Goodbye-1 point
024. Rain-1 point
025. Rage-1 point
026. Dance-1 point
027. Family-1 point
028. Handcuffs-1 point
029. Magic-1 point
030. Chocolate-1 point
031. Broken-1 point
032. Change-1 point
033. Mistake-1 point
034. Candy-1 point
035. Babies-1 point
036. Sorrow-1 point
037. Impossible-1 point
038. Stars-1 point
039. Hands-1 point
040. Wet-1 point
041. Desk-1 point
042. Cookies-1 point
043. Wine-1 point
044. Leather-1 point
045. Haunted-1 point
046. Crush-1 point
047. Passion-1 point
048. Believe-1 point
049. Gone-1 point
050. Memory-1 point
051. Time-1 point
052. Trust-1 point
053. Fingerprints-1 point
054. Smile-1 point
055. Pain-1 point
056. Fear-1 point
057. Cold-1 point
058. Never-1 point
059. Secret-1 point
060. Fade-1 point
061. Tears-1 point
062. Darkness-1 point
063. Gift-1 point
064. Confusion-1 point
065. Temptation-1 point
066. Storm-1 point
067. Sports-1 point
068. Bet-1 point
069. Scar-1 point
070. Ex-1 point
071. Revenge-1 point
072. Breakfast
073. Broody-1 point
074. Deception-1 point
075. Weapon-1 point
076. Cashmere-1 point
077. Suffering-1 point
078. Torture-1 point
079. Snuggle-1 point
080. Heartsick-1 point
081. Glass-1 point
082. Disappear-1 point
083. Grey-1 point
084. Forever-1 point
085. Alley-1 point
086. Evil-1 point
087. Smirk-1 point
088. Reason-1 point
089. Sacrifice-1 point
090. Home-1 point
091. Betrayal-1 point
092. Shadow-1 point
093. Flowers-1 point
094. Fall-1 point
095. Hidden-1 point
096. Love-1 point
097. Celebration-1 point
098. Beginnings-1 point
099. Laughter-1 point
100. Kiss-1 point
101. Writer's Choice-Loved You From the Start: Doyle/Harry Fanmix-25 points
102. Writer's Choice-Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For: Doyle Fanmix-25 points
103. Writer's Choice-25 icons-25 points
104. Writer's Choice-25 image picspam-25 points
Progress: 200/200

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[identity profile] musical-junkie.livejournal.com on May 31st, 2011 03:11 am (UTC)
You're not kidding when you say that writing 100 drabbles isn't easy. I honestly can't believe that a drabble is equivalent to an icon, points wise, because I struggled to write 8 to round out my own big bang. I'm impressed that you took on this big of a challenge.

And, now to the fics. As much as I'd LOVE to comment on each of them, there are 100 of them, and I've commented on every big bang except this one and two others, so my fingers are about to fall off. However, I'll try to comment on as much as I can, because you deserve it!

This is just brilliant. We really don't get enough of Doyle in Angel, and you've really managed to capture him throughout all of these drabbles, despite how little screentime he has in the grand scheme of things. You do a really good job of writing the conflict Doyle has of being a half-demon.

I'm also really impressed by how you always manage to craft a coherent, self-contained story in each drabble without making the connection to the prompt too obscure.

You really have such a wonderful variety of fics here from humor and heartbreak to angst and fluff. And Doyle is always so brilliantly in character no matter the tone of the drabble.

As I read all of these, I was constantly struck by just how much time it must have taken you to do all of this, and I feel the need to mention again how impressed I am that you were able to produce this many high quality drabbles in such a relatively short amount of time.

And, then there's the graphics. I love the fanmixes, and the icons are great. (#20 is my favorite.) And the mini-spam at the end is just the icing on the cake.

Amazing Big Bang.
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[identity profile] anna-sg1.livejournal.com on May 31st, 2011 11:38 pm (UTC)
Pretty much everything [livejournal.com profile] musical_junkie said, goes for me, too. Amazing work and great job hon'! :D *applauds*
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